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1/24/2022-SEISMIC RETROFIT LEGISLATION FOR SCHOOLS MOVES FORWARD- Legislation is moving forward in Olympia that would provide funding for qualified school districts to retrofit their school buildings in order to survive large earthquakes.

9/18/2021 – Received so much response that we are creating a website to keep people updated.

9/17/2021- Emailed 4,000 copies of the EPAT tables to the distribution list.

9/16/2021 – Completed manual transcription of Phase 1 and Phase 2 EPAT study including soil site class, liquefaction and amplified shaking potential and SSSP.

9/12/2021 – Start manual transcription of Phase 1 and Phase 2 Earthquake Performance Assessment Tables (EPAT) to EXCEL spreadsheet. Interview with Tom Banse from KUOW about SSSP.

9/11/2021 – Send snail mail/email school safety mailings to 2,391 school principals, 254 fire chiefs, 313 fire district secretaries, 274 homeschool coordinators, 300 school district administrators, 57 Washington State PTA leaders, 13 WSSDA board members, all the county commissioners and 8 members of the press.

9/8/2021 – Complete research on SSSP and Capitol Budget. Compose “Washington’s Unsafe Schools”. “Priorites #1”, “Kid’s Schools Tsunami Zones”, “The State of School Spending” and the Sichuan School Disaster”.

8/2/2021 – Review SSSP. It puts dollars ahead of kid’s safety. Begin research on study. Lose 4 days trying to open file. End up save to hard drive to get access.